Vegetarianism, PETA, Adolf Hitler, And The Army

It is possible that Adolf Hitler’s interest and practice of vegetarianism could affect or is affecting the army, even in this day?

He was able to talk with Goebbels about it.

“In a diary entry dated April 25, 1943, Joseph Goebbels described Hitler as a committed vegetarian, writing, “An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Führer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat-eating is harmful to humanity. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also. Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favor of his standpoint are very compelling.”[18]”

Could not PETA carry the torch if they can argue from the perspective of the Army and what is proper for healthy soldiers, rather than starting with the animals? I am certain I could make such an argument before generals at the U.N. or here in America if adequately prepared. It would matter to PETA’s concern because of the net effect. Is PETA too politically challenged with rhetoric to pull such a move? I think there are few in the organization who are savvy enough to move like that. Does PETA have a player they are that confident in? Or has this issue already been managed because we are that much smarter about food in this day?


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