Meyer’s Announcer Calls It A Water Splitter

The other Meyer shows a buggy being rigged up with hho and a British announcer calls the device a water splitter, a term I like. I am still upset about Stanley’s death. I note the announcer mentions the other Meyer’s paranoia regarding secrecy, although it is not unexpected for a person working in a field that requires privacy to exhibit cautionary shielding of information including lockdown of materials, not mentioning details, and even misleading snoops. It is so important to mention the need of inventors for privacy that I even mention it here knowing it is said that suspicious circumstances surround Stanley’s untimely death. Let’s face it, these guys may kick ass, but they aren’t the Wright brothers. It’s been tough in America. Most inventors don’t have trouble getting the product out like these did. Maybe it’s a smokescreen from some bad people in black operations that cover industrial stuff. That would be from out of country. Maybe a lotta people just want power and don’t care about energy. They will receive due punishment from on high.

Anyway these devices work and the cars go.


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