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Suggests that a shock resistant sword blade could be made from diamond if the right methodology was used in creating it. Advertisements

Ruthenium and Mining

Ruthenium is a new metal in that it was discovered in the 1800’s by seperating the metals found in platinum ore from mines in the Ural Mountains.

The Flower Popeye Was Referring To

Is sweet pea, a mediterranean. It is an Aries flower along with the honeysuckle.

Plains Bison known as Bison Bison Bison

The plains buffalo have returned from the edge of extinction to the wild. Why not populate a prarie near you with the plains bison, a handsome native natural cow?

Mister Why

I’m Mister Why, and I am too one of the Three Blind Mice. Crane stywe, nigga. Tiger style can panfer stywe though. I can leap a pawn in checkers. Tony the Tiger’s tail is shorter than a normal one. It is a twitchy tale too. Tisudizuh-dah. Three blind mice, Three blind mice See how they […]

Cola Notes On Wikipedia

A Good Velodrome

If you are bicycling in Los Angeles and are serious about it, there is a good Olympic quality velodrome in Carson.

Bicycle Racing

If you are thinking of getting your child into a sport, consider bicycle racing. Children often have bike races spontaneously, in short dashes or to specific destinations, and it is a sport that does encourage participation. Also, taking the sport seriously means the child will have and use the proper equipment and ride properly in […]


The French Versus Interpo, Part II, The Acceptance of Tony

I don’t like it when interpo is a game where the other side has the initiative in conspiratorial way in a large scale that they could imagine. the situation became one of pathetic triage in saving the world because they had to imagine an enemy and the foolishness was overwhelming to the tao-dharmic context of […]