Halo Vehicle, Olympic Javelin, Carbon Cello

The halo vehicle is a model of car designed by the manufacturer to showcase new features that are to shine. I have done some behind the scenes imaginary work on the halo model but I have run aground recently due to corruption among the imaginary people who are liars rather than muses.

It is sad to report that there has been trouble with the Olympics due to corruption of the imagination. Why even the Olympic javelin was influenced by an arm twist which was compulsory. Can you imagine if every javelin throw were off the mark because the javelins all flew in the wrong direction because the arm twisted twisted them to be stray javelins?

I have had trouble with the greedy and the envious both. The greedy have beset me with thieves and conspiracy. They have regrets now. There were greedy men and women who made of it the belief that they were entitled when really they were of ill repute. The culture has shown the lauding of crime and ways of crime.

A carbon cello can be fine indeed. I hope to die before I design a cello for anyone.


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