The Mormons Are Only 13 Million Worldwide

And are grossly outnumbered by many mainstream religions. There are 50,000 missionaries around the world. Currently there are approximately one millions involved in a major religious event, unbeknownst to the majority of Americans. They are interested in time travel they said. I think it would be easy to disrupt what they are doing because they are using sorcery as described in the Bible. It is based upon a network of meaning that American Indians have constructed of words using sticks in the afterlife. There was a major history of occultism based on this network of words. In each camp the Native Americans chant and dwell upon the meanings in these networks. They are more complicated than a dictionary. They base what is allowed on what people will accept as truth. Baseball is powerful. Many accept that baseball is valid and normal. Many of the American Indians there understand baseball. If it is really American and strongly metaphorical, and Americans get the analogy, why it could become something really. If the Mormons were to understand baseball, they would take over America. Fortunately they are very bad at sports. Dentistry is another one that they understand, and people have been tortured who are strong in the media, because the Mormons are trying to take over people’s minds, and they feel that celebrities and media controllers, they call them, are important to the American Indians. I am dismayed that the Mormons have presented these people so poorly to the American Indians. We care about America better than the Mormons do, don’t we? Otherwise wouldn’t the Mormon use conventional methodology to become important in the media? Also, the know people in Vegas now, but they have been so schlocky that they are considered church people with weird attitude and beliefs. And this is among media people who are waaaay out there. They are even Pagan some of them. Why Nancy Reagan has spoken to psychics and is someone who believes in the afterlife, and could believe there are American Indian ghosts, not angels.


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