A Mushroom Cloud That Looks Like A Mushroom

The deathly apparition known as Castle Bravo across clouds and water reveals that in the Marshall there were numerous to 66 tests of nuclear warheads dropped upon islands in the Pacific Ocean where war with the Japanese took place. This area is brutal in reflection of the threat of war, particular war which goes beyond the conventional constraints which are within the imagination of most persons in the world regarding what they might do in a conflict.

That is why we train the military to fight conventionally. They are not civilians, who would fight very conventionally one would hope, lest they achieve what is known as unrest in the town or city or region of the social environment they live in. Our society would benefit from clear distinctions of what is acceptable in fighting as conventional. In 2008 in the 21st century I personally do not feel in Calfornia that we have achieved convention regarding physical combat. This is in part because of the variation of training we have among individuals regarding contest and mortality. I am primarily concerned with combat from a male protagonist perspective because I am male and my life and experiences have had something to do with being perceived as male. Although I am someone who believes in the tao symbol regarding duality balances, I have some issues of male concern which might result in conflicts with other males which are traditionally resolveable through competition combat. Other issues are obviously on a level of conversation, style, comprehension, synthesis, and conduct which transcend a need for battle. Our society has law and the signature and memory and story and life and reality to work with in the context of harmony and discord in our practices of livelihood which are beyond mere flow.

It is fair that we have a structure of conflict matter resolution and debate which can account for universal convention in establishing what we believe to be acceptable understanding of social settlement, even in the face of contention attitudinal among singular participants who carry a torch.

There have been forms of swordplay which prove mettle if not absolute reason. Sometimes an argument of reason might change behavior in society if it proves for a way which is perceived as better. That is considered a high argument. It is even possible that persons of low argument would rail against a person of high argument, it has happened. Furthermore, it happened that persons of ultimate argument have been ignored. This is a problem because of the mushroom. Sometimes a little mushroom will do. We call that a daisy here in America. That has something to do with revolvers. A revolving machine is not going to stop of it’s own. A sword has something to do with the will. A sword can revolve but it does so about the wrist, like a baton. It is gay to lift a sword. But it can be memorable to see a contest which is of convention. In Japan they have resolved some conflict using kendo. Kendo has strong convention. I know in America we have not established a formal style regarding conflicts which are “push and push” where others are made unsettled by the action. That is the context in which such a society function might be engaged. A trial of embarassment or death, not necessarily exclusive. That is where we are in these modern times.


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