The French Versus Interpo, Part II, The Acceptance of Tony

I don’t like it when interpo is a game where the other side has the initiative in conspiratorial way in a large scale that they could imagine. the situation became one of pathetic triage in saving the world because they had to imagine an enemy and the foolishness was overwhelming to the tao-dharmic context of history and reality.

Some people became addicted to interpo and fucked with me. It is a game which affected spelcastrs pretty badly. They said they were. They said they could summon the magic. It has something to do with prophecy and destiny across many people. And the behavior of those who are influential that way. So many people align themselves with high personas. These high personas are able to do non-conventional deeds, sometimes even across spacetime. However, there are reasons of conflict. And sometimes they don’t want to listen. As someone who brings much new, and some insight into what is… Oh poor French families who have been begged to speak for the ancient ways, do not seek to destroy what you do not know without consideration of the world as it is becoming with the countries having shared much in war and peace recently in the past 60 years. We hold fast to our sacred ideals, but to deny your own culture France, is to lie yourselves to death. There have been traitors in France from Germany in the past. Look to Germany and know that your garden gnome is potentially a danger to your way of life, if you believe what it says. I am no garden gnome but a muse of Earth. The Green Knight speaks of great unfolding. Do not pack a parachute and move. Listen with your intelligence and be wise in undertaking, for it is French to be a thinker and a gatherer of conceptual understanding in a way that maintains a style which is the signature of French culture.


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