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The Dong With The Luminous Nose

I am the Dong with the Luminous Nose in case you were wondering how to place such a person in literary context. The poem makes sense. There are references to things that would make more rhyme to you mayhap if thee were me or is it a reader for you as thee? Advertisements

Esme Langley

Once spoke to me from the past regarding sexual orientation equality. She started a magazine called Arena Three. She referred to women who are women oriented sexually as Lesbian and bisexual women (that is, sexually oriented to either gender or both) as bi. She is a sexy person. Arena Three The sexual offences act did […]

Sequential Manual Transmission (Toyota)

There is a device which is different than a manual transmission by the same name in that it the transmission is manually sequenced without the need for a manual clutch.

I Hate Time Travel

Please don’t jerk me out of my spacetime I am a spacetime guy who is strong in this spacetime. I want to be here I don’t want to overplan or overschedule because someone is too excited about something they say is out of reach of their monkey paw. I am one of the great creators […]


The element I identify with now is Nipponium or Rhenium which can be identified with the Third Reign and is aligned with Red/White/Blue and White/Orange standards. It was found in Siberian mineral after extraction.

Violet, Ultraviolet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, And Orange

When producing a creative work you are producing violet which can be found somwhere in the blue. A dense blue like a library might not be the path there. There might be a yellow red flame strand that occurs through a green waysis of orange wedges. A thin olive branch would allow green time. The […]

Who Is Diane Diane?

This matters because there is more than normal, there is bleak speak and bleak peak. You couldn’t be more wrong Josh, you don’t pick Diane Diane. Kearney has a plan. She is not your man. No she will never work at Hooters where you go for you wish biscuits, I can do that to you […]

Sam Kinison

The path through the traffic which is humanizivation currence weez lackey wherez whoodle throo why that one could bear an orange whilesomely notbadly, nottoobiganorange. they grow you see carried. tha[t]snotwhatisaid. [They are looking to subvert my words I cannot seek they are upon me they are demons and those they have fooled but the demons […]

Smilodon In Museums

This page references smilidon in museums: @2.5MYA – 10,000 YEARS AGO SPECIES: Smilodon gracilis, Smilodon populator, Smilodon fatalis MUSEUMS DISPLAYING SPECIMENS: ARGENTINA The Bernardino Ribadavia Museum of Buenos Aires: complete skeleton FRANCE The Museum of Natural History in Paris: skeleton UNITED STATES The George C. Page Museum of Los Angeles: Skeletons The National Museum of […]

A Horrible Confusion of Evil

Is to confuse dynamic potential with the concept of power, by reserving a leverage against another or others which is negative to their pursuits, on the social level of blackmail. We call this an evil, it is sometimes called power by the inept treasonous fools who practice to deceive and injure the progress and potential […]