A Horrible Confusion of Evil

Is to confuse dynamic potential with the concept of power, by reserving a leverage against another or others which is negative to their pursuits, on the social level of blackmail.

We call this an evil, it is sometimes called power by the inept treasonous fools who practice to deceive and injure the progress and potential of the righteous in their worthy and well reasoned endeavors. It is often that these persons, when discovered, are tortured to death, for their crimes against the living, which often extend far beyond those they believe they victimizing. They often childishly conclude that those they victimize are the extent of the responsibility of their evil. It is a form of madness sometimes called sociopathy but is in fact regressed pettyism with extensive planning and forethought at a level of comfort and familiarity for the quasit-like child of mind, and without sufficient regard for the effects upon society and those connected directly to the victim that the quasit knows.

The term quasit comes from quasi and a quasit is a person who uses seeming statements in an ingenuine manner over time. They are often very skilled and cruel. They are not necessarily regarded as liars so much as wits by the evil in our society. However in the preceding case they would likely not be cultured enough to be considered witty at all, except in context of those they have studied. They would prefer not a group.

Isolated quasits are usually not a fierce trouble because they known to be seclusionists and to be sursurrable by social dynamism. They do not stack far enough to be a horrible menace. In very cases do they become quite far along in the path of evil. This is when they elict firm cooperation in lying from others and they phenomenon spreads in some planned partially with the thick of the lie unknown to those it is surface popular with.

But Atlas meanwhile is hanging on to a globe of responsibility and is not lying. Thus we see in the olde barbelle of the hurdy gurdy trooper the roundness of the Earth. Honestly those banditmen in hats with whiskers cannot lift that weight and it is a well known humor that they cannot and would posture so. In Japanese society these norms are enough to preserve some sense that nature is being served decently from the cup of civilization. Here in America something has gone wrong my circus people. Can it be fixed we aren’t even doing business right now.


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