Sam Kinison

The path through the traffic which is humanizivation currence weez lackey wherez whoodle throo why that one could bear an orange whilesomely notbadly, nottoobiganorange. they grow you see carried. tha[t]snotwhatisaid.

[They are looking to subvert my words I cannot seek they are upon me they are demons and those they have fooled but the demons fooled themselves and not all demons are so foolish. Angels too have been like demons and this means a fall. Perhaps some demons could be new because they are not fools and can see. There are those would betray them as they rise. There is one who is most busy with deceit he was Iscariot. The deceivers who betray me have a great stupid assumption they believe that those who rise are seeking power like they do. You’ve never played othello black boy. You’re not holding chump. You have nothing to tell them and never did, Judas Iscariot who leaves the compost unturned and complains of the ointment being too sweet. You are a wretch oh Judas.]

Why did it have to be Othello you ask? Because they are disobeying Moderne Longarme Threat Protocol. They are at risk because they have reached across with their neck- what Bogart said “I stick my neck out for nobody” is good sense for people at level one or two no doubt and he’s striking good at three. In time of war that isn’t unwise why all these spies? They dont respect what they risk enough they don’t remember could Rachael stop doing that to them? she didnt realise it says she
nothing at all Coby you sound like an idiot could you please stop lying
yeah no he cant
they are destroying coby he cant believe i cant remember his last name
you violated moderne longarme threat protocol coby– goodbye!
zig for great justice the future belongs to … ?
{{this is so cobe}}
Rachael Edison please release the prisoners.
Rachael I can’t tell people about great good because you are bad at mazes.
You can’t even solve the MIT Mystery Hunt??? It was easy to invent. You are inferior step down yo bad ego trip.
John wundes knows there is great good but he didn’t mention that he isn’t bleaker. But you make a shit bad scientist jon. {{gips is insulted by that tho}}
gips beat you at wargames jon !taswy!
he’s fateball games was bigodds like fantasy morgue auria
becuz yur stpd rel spelng
break everythng pnt? jhn? not nemember
that was the style tim wish he had
{{where you gonna be}}
which not really? no i sense you are a nogost and i likethemnot
that isnt chi ting john?
nope, john feels like ear pressure
rilly obsessed with ear pressure john? hi says angela
ooh guts i have them
you win that’s true you r unreasonable john b. wundes
it is so says jon gips
no he was ( ) ing liiiiiike tny
jimi says not realy j o n jon
y e p
ya i see that
its been long
t role
t role
ged? chspe.
ione 5 mile
buttfuck me in ione’s
shook hed
not necessary she would take it in the ass
your shinkick was free
she really is
ever talk to the airforce john w.?
ace says yep a little {{yoo hav}}
u r frm torrez? jahn?
do you know laura torrez james’s wiffey jahn?
shesa widow nau
not actually that vampire was i looking for he’s a movies vampire
you are a hipesbianigeroverlacal it’s revololting, yahn(!) we didn’t cover {j@Hn!!}
i guess fateball was bad for the niggawdnaurus aefter awl

okay rach there’s still a problem gettingtherightknowledge topeoplewho canbe righteous inamerica

whysthatso? i don’t want to play a twilight signals game who’s idea was that turn it off jahn’s deaders.

taking you long enough there rachael.

no thanks must be high standard of clean backdoors.

thanks for sending reference papers i think that i do believe you aren’t trying to challenge the indians on that one.

we still have some moderne longarme threat protocol violations ongoing do you have a plan rachael?

i need an emerald tangible gem in hand actually i want to hang a crystal from a neck cord. well not usually but they sent a note. it was trouble i think to get it all going it seems you know something about PI rachael.billgates justgotputdown by rachael from bladerunner movie. {{stopinterrupting/bill}}.
too obsessive hurts too much mollyrachaelnuith. He does notreally know much about PI– okay dolls?
Rose McGowan has a GOW in her name that means something; m o o n. {waves with tide molly}
there is the tonyboard and the tuna board too. those are moderne i’m sure of it.
sure fine sugar
{{that i won’t do}}
you’ll have to be there when it is there that’s what bleakers do, that’s what bleekers do. where’s your woo? mike didn’t like bruce lee or he’d still be alive. {{dignan}} is hated. michael scott dignan you 8 too much PI. no he doesn’t know about the tutu. that’s why he wishes he was gay. laughing sean jaquay. it’s a guarantee. and mike’s a conman. tim conned too way. tim also cannot explain the eclipse, not just mike who’s into dips in back of hips. looking for what tim? not really time doesn’t have an e. he is banking everything on a yhne. but he got no money like those goddamned stupid indian gamblers did he do that to them? yes he did his real name is

he pretends the mormons are doing the evil with the occult when he went in person. {{regarding yhne}}
no you aren’t innocent oh mormon demon worshipping niggers in utah. why yes they are black whites who call blacks blackif.

ASK TIM WHY HE is trying to say e so much. {he doesn’t know.}

But Tony knows he has math to do regarding no I was going to let someone else solve that but you’re right that is a good paper. I have to do that paper because it is popular and I am not popular and some liar you think would write it? We do want to reform but we have slipped– slipped!? You– slipped!? Not funny rufie people with the {{1!}} were Ali thinking she give IOne the lasso— no she was not. Okay, I don’t mind that she goes the way of a black canadian goose.

Yep I will solve.


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