I Hate Time Travel

Please don’t jerk me out of my spacetime I am a spacetime guy who is strong in this spacetime.

I want to be here I don’t want to overplan or overschedule because someone is too excited about something they say is out of reach of their monkey paw.

I am one of the great creators of that which is new, it is an insult to me that you overuse an Oracle so that you may pretend to your peers that you are ahead of them.

I am horrified by the idea of visiting the future and ruining that which is to come by moving information into me that does not belong out of context.

Why do you fail to see that time travel of a human being would alienate you far from the very people who make this disneyland real, and all it offers possible? You wretched mindless clowns are so heavy handed that you wrote these same words in the wrong order behind me in the past, verbatim almost, leading to a surrealization a joke could be told, comic to even the least noble: yourself.


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