Esme Langley

Once spoke to me from the past regarding sexual orientation equality. She started a magazine called Arena Three. She referred to women who are women oriented sexually as Lesbian and bisexual women (that is, sexually oriented to either gender or both) as bi. She is a sexy person.

Arena Three

The sexual offences act did mention Lesbian and bi women as far as I know, they were indeed invisible to the law according to the way the British government legislated sexual preference at the time. It was indeed a shock to women who considered themselves of circumstance due to the secrecy of such activities as are known to be offensive to straight society and individuals of either gender as per normal code, policy, and comfort. It is fair to say that the women did address the issue not as younger than adult. They took societal position with the issue. It was clear that the jailing of men for sexual reason was a law decided manner of concern to those who were called barristers and judges and were mostly men. This of course is non-inclusive of the reality of society despite mens’ tolerace of bisexuality in women and the difference there with Lesbianism as defined as exclusive sexual orientation toward and between women.

And in the exceptional account, my soul was born on Lesbos in the Greek Islands. Ione Skye is named after the blue. The blue is what is seen from Olympus. Thysia was also born on Lesvbos. Lesvos is one of the Ionic Islands.


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