In the Year of the Rat

My yin yang stands spinning.

I am dragon, rat, ox, tiger, horse, ram, rooster, and pig.

I would prefer not to be known as a pig, though it be the year of my living birth, for the yearling piglet has been bad to my image. I was conceived upon an island in the Aegean Sea one year before I came to California. So like Romulus and Remus, I was born dog. Woof.

With wood and fire I am the witch king.

With water and earth I purify and make the world better.

Do you know my metal?

Dog, monkey, rabbit, where are my dreams in sleep?

I have been nipponium of discovery, technium of truth, and rhenium of hardness.

I am the rainmaker.

I am dead of limb and body like wood. I have been without breath. I have been without electric limbs. I have been an electroctopus. I have been a water captain.

I burn. It is a burning that others do not have like I do. Homo sapiens aeratus.

I am the world druid.

I balance like atlas these spinning cycles.

In this year and the last there have been many visits from the media.

Do you think desist not strong enough? I do not believe that all of the visits have been of the establishment of order. Some have been follows upon a corruption that is bleeding contempt. It is sickening to those who know to see such madness grow like cancer. During the aeon flux we must be most careful, and a few sickening fools have cultivated their own illnesses of the mind in a context of false prophecy that has crippled society. They fumble with great magics, unknowing the effects. Cast down these charlatans now.


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