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Battle In Old Ireland

These texts reveal stories from old Ireland which describe people going to and from battle mostly, and details of the fight and recovery and travel and story. They mention that the bands carried booty such that they could end the fight by giving theirs up if they lost. It is interesting to read about ancient […]

Was Destroyed Totally

Social Communication In Sperm Whale Dyads

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 10:20:54 -0000 From: “Luke Rendell” The following paper is now available online at Animal Behaviour; full text is available at, or by emailing me ( Overlapping and matching of codas in vocal interactions between sperm whales: insights into communication function Tyler M. Schulz, Hal Whitehead, Shane Gero & Luke […]

Look Carefully

To Prevent Breast Cancer

To prevent your breasts’ lactal glands from of the birth control pill‘s pregnancy simulation which does affect them over a nine month period of time, leading to confusion for the body- you can choose a healthier approach, which is the three month shot. Sexual relationships in college, for example, sometimes last less than several months. […]

A Good Event

The Moscow Biological Museum Fuck-In

Roll Plane

I am the Cenobite Pinhead, not Zippy the Pinhead, assholes.

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In the Year of the Rat

My yin yang stands spinning. I am dragon, rat, ox, tiger, horse, ram, rooster, and pig. I would prefer not to be known as a pig, though it be the year of my living birth, for the yearling piglet has been bad to my image. I was conceived upon an island in the Aegean Sea […]

Tim Berners-Lee Posted His WWW Ideas To Usenet As Graphics Files Dr. Livingston