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Shulgin’s DOC Drug Does What “e” Was Credited With

Sasha created a substance called Doc, as in Snow White’s leader of the dwarves. Bollywood does not have it because they suck balls and copy old format- they could expand their consciousness with some major psychonautic monkey madness. It is advisable to drink enough water if you are exposed to it- it causes hyperactivity, and […]

You Wouldn’t Believe Where I’m Really From

I have three godparents: Bahamut, who’s actually an ice age Indian from California (call him “Y”), and a woman who was on the island of Lesbos, we’ll call her “X”, and Zeus, we’ll call him “Z”. As you know Zeus may have been eyeing Lesbos for a loooong time. They (the Lesbians) would, of course, […]

Safe Candy

Can a hipster understand microbiology and microchemistry well enough to make better candy? Or is it all chocolate from here and on out?

Silicon Valley Is Still Throwing Rocks

From Slashdot: “A scrambled Rubik’s cube can be solved in just 25 moves, regardless of the starting configuration. Tomas Rokicki, a Stanford-trained mathematician, has proven the new limit (down from 26 which was proved last year) using a neat piece of computer science. Rather than study individual moves, he’s used the symmetry of the cube […]

Finally They Care

A headset that future jetpilot kids could care about. ©emotiv system

Enemy By Negligence Bad With Coalition

This title means a governant group could be bad, Tara, particularly if they are insufficient in wisdom and understanding. As a poor example, the treadmill succubi are likely to ignore some non-obvious details, right? The Calfornia Club members must themselves each be like the body of a living being, preferably an animal or a person. […]

Best High School Physics Project

Split the water molecule using either Danforth’s specifications or your own if you believe you can improve it. Using a simple inductance coil with a needlepoint focus of high field energy, break water molecules like zap. If you are cool you can try it on gases and other liquids. They haven’t you can bet, hey […]

Arecibo Doesn’t Collect Gamma Rays Due To The Atmosphere

Space scanning should have some intuition about gamma rays. You wouldn’t want other systems spying on you, would you? You really need to crank the juice if you’re going to get that far. The high frequency rays we don’t even send because we are concerned about radioactive damage within the atmosphere, but in the space […]

My New School

I have made no progress recently with starting the Creativity School in Sacramento. I plan to run the school while working as an inventor, once I have fully prototyped the box refridgerator such that it can be redesigned for the manufacturers. P E N C I L

I Cou’ Win Dis War

Gimme a shop and I’ll win dis war against any a’ you karate guys.