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A Horrible Confusion of Evil

Is to confuse dynamic potential with the concept of power, by reserving a leverage against another or others which is negative to their pursuits, on the social level of blackmail. We call this an evil, it is sometimes called power by the inept treasonous fools who practice to deceive and injure the progress and potential […]

A Media Flicker

The Church of Latter Day Saints has had some trouble with a cultish effort to depose media hopefuls from becoming the next generation of celebrities in American media, not the general media. It is an insane that began sometime in the past when their prayer assumptions were based in an eighties view of celebrity. They […]

Cheerleading In America In Photos

Here are some high school and junior high cheerleading squads in action and informally hanging out. But particularly I thought people might be interested in looking at American high school cheerleaders. They’re part of the spirit of America. You can find more cheerleading photos in the usenet archive on pictureview as well, if you do […]

Matt Barrett Is A Lesvian

If you are a man and would like to visit Lesvos, please consult this Greek website regarding a visit. There are hotels and maps in English. Much that is ancient in Greek mythology history remains there.

What Could Be More Stupid I Should Not Ask

Pentagon ships four Minuteman nuclear detonators to Taiwan claiming “Ooops!” Is the bumpkin of evil trying to fight the sanctum of cities? Just very odd, five.

It’s Not Fair To Dig Up A Mountain Stream

You must be able to divine it clean. You should not too much disturb the scene. Water is a good slicer, and I am a good dicer. The Sierra Nevada is better than Alasker.

The Flying Saucer Is Revealed To Be The Avrocar

Isn’t Wikipedia cool with information, men in black and all?

Enemy By Negligence Bad With Coalition

This title means a governant group could be bad, Tara, particularly if they are insufficient in wisdom and understanding. As a poor example, the treadmill succubi are likely to ignore some non-obvious details, right? The Calfornia Club members must themselves each be like the body of a living being, preferably an animal or a person. […]

Best High School Physics Project

Split the water molecule using either Danforth’s specifications or your own if you believe you can improve it. Using a simple inductance coil with a needlepoint focus of high field energy, break water molecules like zap. If you are cool you can try it on gases and other liquids. They haven’t you can bet, hey […]

Arecibo Doesn’t Collect Gamma Rays Due To The Atmosphere

Space scanning should have some intuition about gamma rays. You wouldn’t want other systems spying on you, would you? You really need to crank the juice if you’re going to get that far. The high frequency rays we don’t even send because we are concerned about radioactive damage within the atmosphere, but in the space […]