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In the Year of the Rat

My yin yang stands spinning. I am dragon, rat, ox, tiger, horse, ram, rooster, and pig. I would prefer not to be known as a pig, though it be the year of my living birth, for the yearling piglet has been bad to my image. I was conceived upon an island in the Aegean Sea […]

The Chess Issues Of Comic Book Artists

I’ve done little research into this phenomenon, but certain issues of comic book series during the Silver Age of comics have a chess pattern on the top of the comic book as if it were doodled there, it is an uneven pattern consistently, showing that there is some recognition really of chess issue status. Usually […]

Matt Barrett Is A Lesvian

If you are a man and would like to visit Lesvos, please consult this Greek website regarding a visit. There are hotels and maps in English. Much that is ancient in Greek mythology history remains there.

Larry D. Harper’s The Antichrist Is Full of Lies

A publisher called The Voice of Elijah is printing a booklet about the Antichrist- they or he are in Mesquite, Texas. It contains stories which are completely made up, there are even fictional characters that are pseudobiblical. Furthermore, the False Jesus (think of a gothic vampire, perhaps they confuse him with the Antichrist) is dead, […]

If You Are Starting A Web Business

Remember to hire someone with experience at being catchy.

How To Get The Most Out Of Stonehenge

If you’re into Halloween, but are very pleasant and make a good scene, you might try something kind of obscene. Sacrifice virgins you acquire, on Halloween night, from the peat mire. You must ask them trick or treat. They might ask you smell my feat. You are not to make of fat, you must hoist […]

Regarding What’s In The Dead Sea Scrolls

It should be possible to get photographic copies and translations in book format of each of the dead sea scrolls such that this holy literature is available to descendants of Bible and Quran distribution and readership who have withstood and lived in the cultural implications of their influence. The scrolls are three thousand years old.

The Demon Asmodai In Context of Visual Description

Asmodai (referred to as Asmodeus in D&D, making him a demonity by name), bears signification deviation from the classic form of a man, yet possesses characteristics that are clearly enabling of vision to a capable purpose in society in their mythological mapping. Asmodai has the head, neck and torso of a man, but bears a […]

The Dungeons And Dragons Legacy Continues June 6th, 2008

While Chainmail is often cited as the bridge to Dungeons and Dragons the imaginative game, this is what I had in my hand on Telegraph in Berkeley and did not buy. Why? Because I didn’t have eighty bucks. You can still get these things because the audience is small for such memorobilia. Kind of like […]

Therion and Mega Therion

Just in case you were reading Revelation and Daniel and trying to figure out when this stupid Aeon Flux will end, I just found something in Wikipedia about the form of love called Thelema which beared testimony regarding an experience unusual with such love. I have been formed into a statue with ark work, it […]