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Giant Sun Over Andromeda

Have you ever such a star as the one that is seen above the galaxy of Andromeda? It is surely not something that could be without a great effort to make, for next to her stands a galaxy so close held that it shines a white fire ball within. Yet this white star is hotter […]

Gold Is Hard To Make

This article explains that a large supernova is required to make gold atoms. This somewhat suggest that the asteroid belt is not a bad place to look for gold if you can send a probe to scan and detect it. A competitive manned mission would be more fun, although it would take some time. The […]

Molecular Basis of Life Discovered On Extrasolar Planet

A visible atmosphere of methane can be seen on a planet over 60 light years from Earth orbit. NASA released this rendering of HD 189733b, an extrasolar planet more than 60 light years from Earth, which has the organic molecule methane in its atmosphere. Courtesy NASA, ESA, and G. Bacon (STScI)

Arecibo Doesn’t Collect Gamma Rays Due To The Atmosphere

Space scanning should have some intuition about gamma rays. You wouldn’t want other systems spying on you, would you? You really need to crank the juice if you’re going to get that far. The high frequency rays we don’t even send because we are concerned about radioactive damage within the atmosphere, but in the space […]

Daath Vader

One who has faded into the Eleventh Sephirah called Daath as one would into the ocean blue. In Star Wars this was thought to be not only space but the spiritual medium and etherial texture of the force.

Russian Technocrat

We have made it to the beginning of an age of technical enlightment. I noticed NASA has pricked up it’s ears lately. Welcome to space, kids.

Surviving A Nuclear-Biological Eclipse By Inhabiting The Ocean

With the development of the HHO electrolyser, we should be able to create a scuba rig that will allow people to live under 20′-50′ of water for a week at a time if desired, including sleeping. We are not ideally suited for high pressure environments, but building sun igloos above a frozen ocean layer would […]

Stupid People Who Think Tunnels “Just Have Air”

Recently someone asked me to devise a strategy for digging giant mole warrens for people to live in in the event of a nuclear war, like the mole people in the new york sewer system. This kind of information panic is totally unworthy of consideration without something like a subground biodynamic environment with solar light […]

Energy Required To Retrieve Ceres

Sending Ceres would require an amount of energy to be determined partly by the solution dynamics. The goal would be to ice cream drop onto the moon in such a way as to provide it with water and a surface atmosphere. Ceres is located in the asteroid belt; it’s mass would also provide raw materials […]

Privacy, Guilt, And Fascism

Would you believe that the lucky coin was stolen by a nerf herder whose idea of a sacrifice included the death of the lamb? Why did adolf forsake architecture for markitecture? What made little bird start the newspaper scam? Why did bunny tool around with scourges while looking bald and gorgeous? When the seal of […]