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Giant Sun Over Andromeda

Have you ever such a star as the one that is seen above the galaxy of Andromeda? It is surely not something that could be without a great effort to make, for next to her stands a galaxy so close held that it shines a white fire ball within. Yet this white star is hotter […]

Molecular Basis of Life Discovered On Extrasolar Planet

A visible atmosphere of methane can be seen on a planet over 60 light years from Earth orbit. NASA released this rendering of HD 189733b, an extrasolar planet more than 60 light years from Earth, which has the organic molecule methane in its atmosphere. Courtesy NASA, ESA, and G. Bacon (STScI)

Arecibo Doesn’t Collect Gamma Rays Due To The Atmosphere

Space scanning should have some intuition about gamma rays. You wouldn’t want other systems spying on you, would you? You really need to crank the juice if you’re going to get that far. The high frequency rays we don’t even send because we are concerned about radioactive damage within the atmosphere, but in the space […]

Daath Vader

One who has faded into the Eleventh Sephirah called Daath as one would into the ocean blue. In Star Wars this was thought to be not only space but the spiritual medium and etherial texture of the force.

With Far More Unlikely Titles

The else shows Getzes as snowmen. “Falcon copies” is not acceptable parlance. Try putting THE EYE on the label, ’tis Egypt, Shan. This might mean they did, rajiomen (cho fros). Vanillas worshipped McGow we think. Vamps worshipped caast, not to be outnigged. You are outgunned by Adam Baker. No longer outmonde we think. Cats!