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Social Communication In Sperm Whale Dyads

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 10:20:54 -0000 From: “Luke Rendell” The following paper is now available online at Animal Behaviour; full text is available at, or by emailing me ( Overlapping and matching of codas in vocal interactions between sperm whales: insights into communication function Tyler M. Schulz, Hal Whitehead, Shane Gero & Luke […]

Productivity and the IQ Bell Curve Hyperbolically Inverted Counting Nature

Can you create an intelligence test that measures the absolute efficiency of a person throughout their lifetime which includes their influence over the future and the total gain in efficiency provided by their thinking and reasoning and working? I contend that the persons who are most effective are not necessarily well measured by society, and […]

If Not For Gays And Africans

Cure HIV for this homeless lady being eaten by thousands or millions of scabies mites which her immune system cannot fight at the capillary level.

Simutrans, SimCity, And The Sims

Closer modeling to the real, modern problems do reveal, cloacina has a seal, does mercury know what we feel. Angelee has found key, naughty nightie has found me, city people one two five, makin mookie of the mive. Harry Potter has some jive. City fex live. Drive hive. Nocar nomar has a dive. Hey vince […]

Melting Antarctica To See What’s Underneath

A good lens above can shine really loud, from the sun-focused earth rises a cloud. Is steamedpunk. Biggest unclaimed territory in the world.