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Battle In Old Ireland

These texts reveal stories from old Ireland which describe people going to and from battle mostly, and details of the fight and recovery and travel and story. They mention that the bands carried booty such that they could end the fight by giving theirs up if they lost. It is interesting to read about ancient […]

The Tragedy of Being Attacked From The Future

Due to matter manipulation across spacetime becoming possible in the future in a tangible directly manipulable way, we are getting closer to a time of discovery that may not be informed perfectly by the past because the ignorant of the specific dynamics of how technology works. But, it should be aware of the rules of […]

Surviving A Nuclear-Biological Eclipse By Inhabiting The Ocean

With the development of the HHO electrolyser, we should be able to create a scuba rig that will allow people to live under 20′-50′ of water for a week at a time if desired, including sleeping. We are not ideally suited for high pressure environments, but building sun igloos above a frozen ocean layer would […]

Stupid People Who Think Tunnels “Just Have Air”

Recently someone asked me to devise a strategy for digging giant mole warrens for people to live in in the event of a nuclear war, like the mole people in the new york sewer system. This kind of information panic is totally unworthy of consideration without something like a subground biodynamic environment with solar light […]

More From Scotland

In the order I perceive, read them this way: UNDERSTANDING COMICS by Scott McCloud REINVENTING COMICS by Scott McCloud MAKING COMICS by Scott McCloud McCloud is on tour and will be coming through your major town. He’s even lecturing at Google but it is private. I wonder if they will pick up the ball in […]

Dracula’s True Story Never Novelized

“The betrayal is too damn sad.” Somebody else said it would be like a Bruce Lee autobiography without mentioning film. That is not the worst idea. It is not just Jeet Kune Do, ya know. Nor dukes of hazard. Sadam Hussein would cry? Maybe so. We are sure Qusay will not be his successor though. […]

Go Or Chess?

Keep five alive, make sure Leo Burd cares about Chris Ferman and Dr. Burt, does the hang wire know about surf music? No, dude. The bicycle thief does know what merc would. Does merl have something to say? Yes, jim morrison gave away dry. That is the line? I think not. I think the ocean […]

Her Name’s Christine

Sometimes Wikipedia ends decades worth of argument, as if the road didn’t know.

Bryan Toth Not Afraid of Kombat

There are those who dream about the Olympics; there are those who go and give it what it is.

Pentacles Holism Spam; Eye Yoga Versus My Crane

Programmer? Don’t retreat into laser eye surgery when your eyes can feel better now.